Beaming into your mind...! 

Herr Doktor von Vrilock in his indisputably divine wisdom hath decided to give away clones of his personal money-magick servitor to the general public to procure opportunities and monies for everyone! 

Limited Time Offer!
Herr Doktor von Vrilock will make you a spirit servitor creature and craft a vessel just for you! Limited space for orders--about the first 10 people will be instantly added to the list! Servitors are expected to be shipped (FREE!) by the end of April or early May, and you don't have to pay a dime to reserve a seat! All you need to do is go to Vrilock.com/contact and fill out the contact form with your interest in having your name added to the list of servitors which Vrilock will personally craft! 

That's FREE SHIPPING! And a FREE BOOK! Along with your Servitor Kit! You will be invoiced upon completion of your servitor vessel, whereafter Vrilock will ship your Servitor Kit to you personally! 



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