The Ides of March

Tom Vrilock, the first student of Charles Cosimano The Godfather of Psionics, delivers a message about the coming Ides of March, and how to deal with difficult times! Embrace spirit, wisdom, magick, and psionics right here! 

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Thank you all for your nice comments! And as always, always... Keep The Magick High! 

P.S. I have a good friend in need. His name is Richard Whipple. Richard has been my friend since 2010/11. Richard and his daughter are stuck in Poland. They need medical help. Poland has changed. Richard is a Canadian who wishes to return to Canada so he can give his little girl a normal life. Health, money, and spirit is in dire need. Richard is a good human being. I have donated to Richard's cause multiple times, but with what little I have and can spare. People, we live in an age and time when things are so incredibly hard for many good human beings. Please, if you have some love in your heart, and if you can afford to give some help to Richard, please consider a donation to fund Richard to return to Canada, where he will attempt to find work and continue to raise his little girl. More information about Richard and his family is here >>> 

Richard Whipple is a very kind and truthful person, spiritual, a mason, and a good friend to Mr. Vrilock. So, to all of you who are willing to lend a hand and able, I want to thank you in advance for your support. You are the resistance against the doldrums and the dystopia. You will make the world a better place! 

Help a human being and you rock! 

Vrilock signing out! 

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