The good Herr Doktor von Vrilock, your global leader hath decided in all good judgment to foretell the future of money and new-thought to you! Say good-bye to numerics and hello merits! That is, we are going to see a manifestation of spiritual tokens correct the ENTIRE PLANET MONEY SYSTEM! But, we have to begin working on our individual money power symbols right now! Vrilock tells you how in tonight's epic blockbuster of psionic magick podcasting!!!

You will want to use your prayer board for the ultimate results! Plus a thorough reading through Psionic Splicing - Now a collectible paperback for only $29.99 and you can have it shipped to you really soon in the same week that you place your order. For dowsing you will download Vrilock's Dynamic Dowsing Disclosure (multimedia package) to learn how to predict movements in ALL MARKETS!!! And much more! Learn from Vrilock everything about psionics money manifestation, psionics for strategic business-partnering relationships, psi crypto currency magick influence, psychotronic technocracy, and how to make the world yours with psionic magick and personal development of psionic power!



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