What has the universe been resonating throughout countless epochs of time? Imagine if we could know the secret messages shared between myriad quanta speaking to one another across the vast stretches of the cosmos! We might at long last be a match against the forces of entropy and our species ultimate extinction! Perhaps we would be one day like the gods on Mount Olympus—Free of the constraints of the physical world, and rulers of all that is therein! 

Sound farfetched? Too metaphysical for you? Well, consider this… If years ago someone had conjectured that we'd have quantum computers at IBM a lot of heads would shake from side to side, and at length we'd hear "You mean like science-fiction, right?" And, yet, here we are today reading the latest breakthroughs at IBM, and astounding new discoveries in Australia for quantum science! 

Would you like to know the secrets of the universe? Tune in!



Herr Doktor Vrilock

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