(Above. Card I received from our brother knight, Richard A. Whipple whom has alas made his return to Canada from Poland, and with the aid of Vrilock Magick and kind folks contributing donations, Richard and his daughter are safe in Canada, have been financially secured, and are at long last returned to their homeland enjoying the countryside, medical attention, and an education for Richard's daughter, little Wyoska! I can count to date at least three children I've used remote psionic magick to aid. All of them have been saved. Not one failure! Now it is your turn to learn this art!)

Now for Tonight's topic!... The Psionic Lensmen need to rise to the challenges of a world long, long overdue of better management. 

As the world transforms from the natural into the supra-techno-natural, all would-be psionic knights will heed the call-to-arms, and secure the world-circuit! The honorable Herr Doktor von Vrilock speaks on the topics of planet health, radiation, artificial intelligence, generations, and where the emerging psionic lensmen will need to rise to duty in overseeing a transition between societal systems, and well into the distant future oversee the planet at large! 

And, a new satellite has blasted up into orbit carrying the very first A.I. chip onboard. Skynet is in the process. Learn my Micro PK and Telemechanics methods in these rare books--The Wondrous Wheel, Psionic Splicing, and Psionic Necromancer!

JOIN THE CLUB! All of our psionics avengers started here! Documents, journals, audio lectures, how-to videos, beginners page, projects page, messaging system, and discounts on club exclusive materials! 



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