Honorary Herr Doktor von Vrilock discloses rumor of possible massive blackouts in a major transition from the old world to the new world, and how you should take advantage of 'Psionic Splicing' (paperback) to hedge the game of life, and make sure that the things you like, want, and need are emphasized in society, while at the same time discard the things that work against you! Think long term and start tonight for only Twenty Nine Ninety Nine! That's $29.99! FAST SHIPPING! by VRILOCK PRESS! Go to Vrilock Dot Com Slash Shop and click to order your copy of this rare book 'Psionic Splicing'! Be prepared! Act now!

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(Tom Vrilock, Dr. H. c. in Psychotronics. Albert Schweitzer University. Vrilock Dot Com Slash BIO for more details about 'who is' Tom Vrilock.)

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