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Tune in to learn how to cast your psionic countenance into your digital identity online--Or, any other non-person character in cyberspace! Tonight on Psionics Digerati! 

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Herr Doktor Vrilock answers questions from fans of psionics about the nature of the universe, globalism, and the powers of the mind for individual sovereignty! 


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Herr Doktor discloses the secret to a balanced mental power and lifestyle with rune might and psionics! Tonight on Planet Vrilock Psionics and Magick Tech Podcast! 


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From Shopify to Horrify—The economic collapse is at your doorstep! Quickly now! Change your strategies before it's too late! Vrilock talks money madness and global economic insanity-urging investors this way! For he who rides with Herr Doktor rides to victory in World Web Three! 


Herr Doktor V.!

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Smashing atoms and colliding galaxies in tonight's blockbuster of podcasts on VRilock Psionics Metaverse Uber-Magick and Intergalactic Web 3 SciFi Wizardry fun! Come! Come, and join in this spatial web sorcery and Vrilockian comradery! Herr Doktor von Vrilock will be expecting you! 

Keep The Magick High! 

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040122_Pod_Corruption.jpgHere cometh the Age of Ethereum! But, alas, we have some separatists! Those who flee from the Vrilockian vision of a financially free and independent, decentralized autonomous individualistic world of Vrilock cryptocurrency and digital money civilization of the future!!! 

Well, tonight we're talking about the concept of control words, and in this episode the word of interest is 'Corruption'. I'll also show you how to meditate on making your mind powerful tonight! 



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Doldrums are the world of the man with the limited imagination. Terror is the world for the person with a narrow view of life. Tonight Herr Doktor Vrilock discloses a broader global perspective, some fun humor debasing bureaucrats, and mopping the floor with the cavemen of politico! 

Brushing all the drama aside, what we see before us is a dissolving of the old world alliances for a new digital ideal. This new system becomes possible when the old beliefs are disproven by the revelations of truth, transparency, and global inclusion. 

For centuries—no, for thousands of years!—the world has ever been a place of strife and conflict! War after war has the face of the planet been devastated for the many; While the uber rich and fraternities of the world gloat over humanity in its perpetual misery.

To understand more clearly it is the old system which builds itself on the broken backs of our grand-ancestors. The SWFT system belongs to the old elite. The top of the pyramid has been the icon of needless and senseless suffering for centuries. It has been a system reliant on our being isolated, drawn behind borders we believe protect us but really only keep us caged within a limited and narrow view of this planet we live on; A planet with the potential to feed every single individual and human being and animal aplenty. We have lived under the illusion that there is not enough food for the multitude. But this is a lie. Rather, it is the activities of the ruthlessly powerful and wealthy who have ‘stolen’ our planet from us. 


THIS IS PLANET VRILOCK—And all the work we do in psionics to make this planet Planet Vrilock is going back to you! 

WE will take over the world and then we will help you build it to serve you, and then we will leave you alone. You will be free to do as you ‘feel’ spiritually revitalized and reunited with your friends all around the world. 

Now, this is very ideal. But it is also POSSIBLE! Absolutely! 

Do you believe that every single member of the elite families around the planet want to carry out a diabolical plot to destroy all persons on this planet? Well, telepathy and psychic power tell us that THEY do not. That’s because some people up at the top still have a soul. And, because countless students in psionics have been trained by Herr Doktor Vrilock to pitch in and help build this new system. 

We have before us a generation of millennials who have in their numbers many fresh minds with a vision of hope. Maybe not one singular vision, but many ideas of how to improve the world. This generation is the key to a new world. We must help them build the new world. 

Tonight, I want you to enjoy the mirthful humor, but keep in mind that what we all really want here is a future which provides opportunities to people all over the world. Once we let go of our stubborn beliefs that we are the only ones or that our nation is better than other nations or other people, only then will we come to a true realization of human truth. And you will discover for yourself what this truth is. Shedding the old skin so to speak will allow the golden rays of pure truth to seep deeply into every fiber of your being. 





PS. We count on your support for Herr Doktor Vrilock. Please join us or make a purchase of one of our training courses, video books, ebooks, audiobooks or join the club. Chat or post global improvements or fun humor in the forum! Be a psionic lensman! Be an avenger! And have fun!   


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Herr Doktor Vrilock welcomes you to World War Three - The war for information: Free vs controlled realities, currencies, and digital assets! Tonight we venture into the world of cryptocurrencies, virtual monies, and digital empires! 

Binance stands poised to take two companies from every industry around the world! From companies to banks to central bank licensing! What if this is the ultimate attempt at world domination? Well, maybe it's a good thing? But, too many times in the past have we seen Big Brother take dominance in markets through monopolies—And this one is for the world, lords and ladies!

Tune in!




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As I've said before, not a dozen times, but once or twice which should have been sufficient, Herr Doktor von Vrilock's Psionic Magick follows the global technocracy in parallel! Yess. And we have some exciting new for our necromancers and sorcerers around father earth! We're embarking on the next voyage into the fuuuuuture!

Australia has indeed made a breakthrough in quantum computing which will have potential for our work in psionics to literally control reality, and for those of you who have so loyally and unwaveringly followed Herr Doktor all this time—God-like powers will be YOURS!!! 

Alright, so now it's time to listen. Touch or click the PLAY button already!!!


Herr Doktor

Train up on 30 years of knowledge in under 3 hours with the Vrilock Psionics Academy 101 video course! Go to and get tanked!

Really want to get into the league of villains! Become a globalist psionic lensman?? Then join MY CLUB!

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On the brink of world war or at the threshold of a new prosperous world wide decentralized web? Only YOU as a psionic avenger can decide! Join our honorable Herr Doktor von Vrilock in tonight's epic blockbuster of podcasts to find out if you got mind-money power or just your mind on your money! ((Download and watch Psionic Cryptomancer to get powered up lightning fast!))



Tom Vrilock., Dr. H.c.
Psychotronics. Meditation. Technical Authoring.

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