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As I've said before, not a dozen times, but once or twice which should have been sufficient, Herr Doktor von Vrilock's Psionic Magick follows the global technocracy in parallel! Yess. And we have some exciting new for our necromancers and sorcerers around father earth! We're embarking on the next voyage into the fuuuuuture!

Australia has indeed made a breakthrough in quantum computing which will have potential for our work in psionics to literally control reality, and for those of you who have so loyally and unwaveringly followed Herr Doktor all this time—God-like powers will be YOURS!!! 

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Herr Doktor

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On the brink of world war or at the threshold of a new prosperous world wide decentralized web? Only YOU as a psionic avenger can decide! Join our honorable Herr Doktor von Vrilock in tonight's epic blockbuster of podcasts to find out if you got mind-money power or just your mind on your money! ((Download and watch Psionic Cryptomancer to get powered up lightning fast!))



Tom Vrilock., Dr. H.c.
Psychotronics. Meditation. Technical Authoring.

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Russian tanks roll up to the doorstep of what was once  Trypillian Civilization! Will the world debt be wiped clean by World War Three? Or can we make it in time with a New World Parallel Financial System? Only YOU can decide the fate of the planet by choosing to become a Psionic Lensmen! Tonight on Planet Vrilock we present to you a Game of Drones!


- Herr Doktor von Vrilock
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Financial freedom! Yess… The Energy War continues in tonight's blockbuster episode : "Crossing the Crypto Chasm!" with Herr Doktor von Vrilock and the Psionic Lensmen!

The Psionic Avengers take on new challenges to greater heights in the war for currencies, a free man's coin, the global battle of blockchains vs outdated government institutions, and the ultimate goal of distributing financial freedom to all people across the entire planet!!! Tonight I mention two impressive names: Brian Rose and Ben Mincu! Don't know them?? Well, I'm going to tell you all about these fine gentlemen and warriors for financial freedom!

Check out Brian Rose's interview with Ben Mincu on London Real to educate yourself about the next innovation in blockchain tech made easy and fun!

Delve deeper into learning! 

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Herr Doktor von Vrilock 

#KeepTheMagickHigh #KTMH

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