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Meaning of Life

Tom Vrilock talks about the meaning of life. Enjoy this rather unique view on the cosmos and psionics. 


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Psionics Knights
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Web of Wyrd

Tom Vrilock talks about the operating system of reality, the web of 'wyrd', interconnecting multi-dimensions, realms, and our day-to-day synchronicities! Tonight on Planet Vrilock Psionics Magick Tech Podcast!


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Dispel Science Omniscience

Recapping the show with World Pirate Radio and some of the topic of psionics expanded upon, Tom Vrilock talks about the origin of science, religion, and magick. Also, we'll talk about how radionics is not a science, but is indeed magick. 


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Beginning Psionics

Tom Vrilock discloses the details of psionics for beginners in this superb occult podcast! 


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Coherent Manifestation

Buzz! Whrr! Incoming from the Psionic Brotherhood! 

Tom Vrilock discloses the secrets of coherent manifestation and psionic magick! 


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The Ides of March

Tom Vrilock, the first student of Charles Cosimano The Godfather of Psionics, delivers a message about the coming Ides of March, and how to deal with difficult times! Embrace spirit, wisdom, magick, and psionics right here! 

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Richard Whipple is a very kind and truthful person, spiritual, a mason, and a good friend to Mr. Vrilock. So, to all of you who are willing to lend a hand and able, I want to thank you in advance for your support. You are the resistance against the doldrums and the dystopia. You will make the world a better place! 

Help a human being and you rock! 

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Miraculous Special

Tom Vrilock talks about the origins of the Miraculous Prayer Board, the journey into the magical mind and magick lifestyle. Also, The Vrilock weekend special, including a FREE audiobook!!! and KEEP THE MAGICK HIGH!

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Magick Rod Story

Tom Vrilock tells the tale of the Magick Rod Story, a series of events involving the work of psionic magick to manifest magical properties, and even drop a line with the dead! 


Vrilock will be podcasting about Finding Your Magick2, an event produced and hosted by paranormal researcher Joshua P. Warren in Las Vegas, Nevada! It has been announced by Mr. Warren that your favorite masked outlaw in psionics could make a special guest appearance at the event! Keep tuned to this podcast to find out what is going to happen next!!!


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