Dr. Richard Alan Miller - The Physicist Who Did Not Blow Himself Up!
Apprentice of Dr. Stanley Krippner of Dream Labs. Rick is a physicist, a magician and former member of the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.), and a teacher of Magick 101! 

I interviewed Doc R.A.M. about the Qabalah, Pathworking, Training Navy Seals in E.S.P., and holograms! And more! Check out the interview here >>>



Kiko Healer! Qigong Expert! QAJF Supporter! 


I interviewed Mewan-san about his discovery of applying qigong to work miracles with the Miraculous Prayer Board instrument! Also, we discussed humanities, spirituality, and his dedication to following the Q Army Japan Movement also known as Q Anon Japan Force! 

Listen to the interview >>>


Joshua P. Warren

Expert in all things paranormal!


Joshua P. Warren is the wizard of weird! One of the greatest paranormal investigators of all time! A researcher. An inventive mind. A philosopher. An explorer of metaphysics, UFO's, parallel worlds, time travel, and the supernatural! Joshua P. Warren is an author of numerous books on ghosts, magick, and 'Use the Force! A Jedi's Guide to the Laws of Attraction!'


Listen to the interview >>>


Charles W. Cosimano

A.k.a. Uncle Chuckie


The Godfather of Psionics and the master of mind-control! Master Charles Cosimano is the man who ended the monopoly on the use of deadly force! We owe most of what we know about psionics to Mr. Cosimano’s life long work in research and experimentation! 


Charles Cosimano is Tom Vrilock’s mentor of psionic magick, and an old friend for many decades! Mr. Cosimano is the author of numerous books on psionics, as well as a blogger and video producer of magick, humor, and literature! Charles Cosimano is best known for his titles Psychic Power and Psionic Power, as well as his infamous books on Psionic Combat and Psionic Psuper Villain! Uncle Chuckie’s contribution to modern day chaos magick has been the weaponizing of psionics!


Listen to the interview >>>



Napoleon Yam

The MacGyver of Radionics! 

Napoleon is one of Tom Vrilock’s first psionics knights from the old school Vrilock Insiders Club long before the club was made public. In the initial years of training our psionic brotherhood operated in a secret and hidden url. Now, for the first time ever, Napoleon Yam is coming forward about his training in the Psionic Brotherhood. 


Napoleon is the inventor of new and enhanced radionics and organite servers used in psionics to contact extraterrestrials and inter-dimensional or extra-dimensional beings, and much more! 


Listen to the interview >>>






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