Greetings Friends! 

The good Doktor von Vrilock in his indisputably divine wisdom has proliferated much debate on the topic of world affairs and psionics outlaws. In tonights podcast we explore the world of the antihero! And your future starts,… NOW!

Pardon the intrusion into your mind, but I thought it would tickle you in funny places to know that my henchstaff has seen to it that your books are in the Vrilock warehouse extra early! That's right, Mr. Munsen! No more twiddling thumbs and moping around! Our bad-ass books are hot off the press and ready for villainy! 

Support Herr Doktor von Vrilock's work by making a purchase of our Paperback combo - Psionic Splicing and Psionic Necromancer! Two in one! 

Whaaacraaak! Check this here out! 

<<End of Year Special!>>

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Take control of your life in 2021 with this splicing and necromancy combo! Command the forces of the universe!

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This deal ends on Saturday, January 2, 2021.



P.S. If you're a real psionic outlaw worth your salt, then join the Psionic Brotherhood! Train up Jedis and Green Lanterns! Our Avengers started right here in THE CLUB!

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