Unlock the secrets of Vrilock's Mind Money Magick Servitor! Make your life better by opening doors to new opportunities and passive income! Listen to the show to learn how you could get your name on the list for this powerful servitor, plus a paperback and gold and silver for free! The package is selling for $500 (That's $1500 OFF the usual service for psionics!), plus the additional powerful paperback of Psionic Splicing and free gold and silver included in your servitor kit! The spirit will arrive at your home or office fully charged with Vrilock's magick! 

To get on the list of lucky magick people, go to Vrilock.com/contact and let Vrilock know you'd like to have a servitor constructed and shipped to you. You will be invoiced after the kit has been produced and ready to ship! The shipping is absolutely FREE! (Including international!)



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