Tonight on Planet Vrilock Psionics Podcast, the Honorary Herr Doktor von Vrilock talks villains, comic books, sci fi and the upcoming convention at the Evil Expo!   Join Vrilock at the Evil Expo on Feb 19th! Buy a ticket to the expo at evilexpo.com and type the referral as ‘vrilock’ in the checkout to show support for your fav psionics outlaw!  

If you enjoy these podcasts please patronize the psionics lab at Vrilock.com/shop !!! Also, for a limited time only you can get our deal on the ultimate book Psionic Robot! Buy Psionic Robot and you get a free copy of Psionic Splicing with your order! Hurry! These rare occult books sell fast! And the supply is limited! This is by far the two most advanced books with breakthroughs in psionics that will blow your mind away! Make the world obey! Hail!

Thank you for joining us on Planet Vrilock Tonight! And until next time...


Vrilock signing out!

P.S. Join the Vrilock.club for awesome magick content!

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