Living the American Dream, but in a sleepless land? Wellll, you're not alone! And if you think it gets any worse than it is now, then you bet your asteroid kid! Muwahahahaa! Yes, well. Actually, there is hope. And while this may not necessarily be the new hope of psionics, it may as well play a part in ensuring a return of our planet back into the hands of its rightful owners. Lean closely, and listen, darlings, as ole Doktor von Vrilock tells you tales of woe, mystery, and then unlocks the secret of how we can use splicing in psionics to move the mega technologies of A.I. and super science in a direction ascending out from dystopia and to a new high-rise utopia! 

Join me! 

Thank you for listening to Planet Vrilock Psionics and Magick Tech Podcast! And until next time... as always... ALWAYS... 



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