Psionic Reconnaissance


Herr Doktor von Vrilock lectures on the topic of a world full-blown occult, hidden in plain sight! And where you must make your choice to partake of the esoteric wisdom or fade in the ignorance of what our planetary masters have in mind for you! It is time to scan over the world we thought we knew and divine its more hidden aspects carefully!

Check out Dynamic Dowsing Disclosure and learn how to hack reality like a pro!!!

Turn an ordinary audio channel mixer into a full blown psionics control console and you'll be the DJ of influence en masse! Read Channel Mixer RBX document!

Plus, the answer of answers! In his indisputably divine wisdom, the good Doktor von Vrilock has pressed his henchmen staff hard at work to bring collectors all manner of bad-ass psionics books! Yess. The Vrilock warehouse is fully stocked and our goblins are ready to ship to you! 

Get the Year End Special and my henchstaff will cover your shipping! You save BIG!

Thank you for joining us on Planet Vrilock Psionics Podcast tonight! 


Vrilock signing out! 

P.S. It's a sad year for Jedis and Green Lanterns. But, our Psionics Avengers' resolve has never been stronger! Join Vrilock in the THE CLUB! 


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