Psionic AI Neons

VPG3_ad_copyanzbo.jpgThe neons are here to take over the narrative! Enforce compliance to the dictum of the voice of the Almighty State! Yet, alas, these neons arrive at a time most opportune! For those of us who are psionicists may see advantages in this new system! Tune in and listen to your good doctor Vrilock! You just might enjoy yourselves! 

Now, if you’re a psionic outlaw worth your salt, then you’ll have this excellent once in a year shot at acquiring my combo of paperbacks that will blend the two hidden sciences of the occult: Necrotronics! Yes, construct your very own necro-borgs to take  charge of the world! Go to and Keep The Magic High with the Year-End-Special, and my henchmen will cover your shipping costs! 

Thank you for joining us on Planet Vrilock Psionics Podcast tonight! And until next time...

Keep The Magic High! 

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