Herr Doktor has produced the next epic blockbuster in podcasting! Come and listen to ‘My Radionics Not Working’! Learn about chasing after results in radionics. Why the machine seems to do nothing more than suck up your bucks--to mastering total Psionics with Herr Doktor Vrilock! 

Combo! Combo! 

Also, and you never really can tell when you’re going to need to do some complicated magick, Vrilock has table top ceremonial methods for you outlined in detail! Nab a copy of this document combo >>


Psionic Rituals Artificer Combo!

Wizard’s price: $49.99 ($10 OFF: limited time only! $39.99) 

Download >>  https://www.vrilock.com/product-page/psionic-rituals-artificer-combo


Advance into the knowledge of tabletop ceremonial magick hacked by psionics! 


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