Magick PIE For Everyone!

Tom Vrilock talks about magick psionics interest in earnestness! Magick PIE for everyone! Find out what you need to be effective as a psionic power master! All right here on Planet Vrilock Podcast! 

Psst! This weekend only... Get Vrilock's multimedia package download 'Dynamic Dowsing Disclosure' and dowse like a pro! Limited time discount! Deal ends March 1st, 2020! Read his or her thoughts! Know your life-partner's every desire and then manifest it! Learn of the future! Discover how much your officials are holding back from the public! And much, much more! 

Dowsing is the backbone of everything wishing machines and radionics. In fact, the entire discipline of psionics is based on dowsing.

Become effective in magick and forge yourself into a psionic power master by mastering dowsing with a pendulum! Charts included! Documents! Audio! Video! All-in-one! 

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