Drrrats!!! Foiled again!!! Yess, the stuffy old bureaucrats are hopping on the Vrilock bus, and we need to pull over real quick to unload these schnorers, and scrape their bile off our  boots! Join my psionic special forces tonight and learn about the current global path, and I'll even tell you a story about how spirits create events to help the magician! Woot! Train up in the club!



PS. Chris used Vrilock's Virtual Money Servitor and made a fast $100 sawbucks! Get the link on the Vrilock.com homepage. My hench-staff will put the link up for you! ANNNND, Brother magician Maxwell crafts the very first VRILOCK NFT!!! Subscribe to Herr Doktor von Vrilock's Newsletter to get stories, updates, and special discounts! Be the first to know about new psionics methods before your enemies get these gems!


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