Honorary Doc Vrilock interviews Dr. Richard Alan Miller (physicist) about his Magick 101 Course, Dream Labs, Chinese Medicine, Spirit, Qabalah, Metaphysics, and Power Tools for training Navy Seals in E.S.P. and Paranormal Abilities! Learn interesting knowledge such as how 5 grams of Water is enough to hold more than 100,000  life times of memory! And dolphins communicate by creating holograms!

All of this knowledge and more tonight on Planet Vrilock Psionics and Magick Tech Podcast with your host Tom Vrilock! 

Visit Doc R.A.M.'s web site at http://richardalanmiller.com 

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This sale ends on Tuesday, September 8, 2020.

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Join the (Insiders Club) Psionic Brotherhood and learn from the kingpin of psionics, Tom Vrilock! This is a club for both philosophy and practical application of psionic power! Learn how to protect what you have, and how to get more of the good stuff like money and romance! Also, intellectual psionics including psionic robots and splicing of spirits is included now and then in the club home (Vrilock's audio lounge and of course the shop and library for beginners of radionics!). 

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