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Honorary Herr Doktor von Vrilock's latest Blockbuster flick has arrived!

Talking path-working meets psionics! And why you don't need a bunch of machines to get started in psionics proper! 


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Doc Vrilock tells the story of a life abroad, and how retrospecting the life of a dead friend began a quest to unite under the banner of magick. Tonight's podcast is Psionics: The Coalition of Magicians! 

Terminology used in this podcast:

- Mr./ Mrs./Ms : san

- Tatami carpet: made out of lamp rush. Tatami are built-in floor mats. They're covered with woven rush called Igusa that give the mats a soft, smooth surface.


- Sake: rice wine


- Kanji(Chinese characters) is made up of different components (parts), and the main component is called a radical (bushu/hen).

Kanji are classified by their radicals in dictionaries.



Cooking related radical ‘火 Hi(fire)’

炊 (Taku: cook/boil)

焼 (Yaku: bake/grill/roast)

Examples of Fire radical

--/end terminology

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Vrilock talks about the difference between secrets and symbology in society. 

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Tom Vrilock continues the money magick sigil project: Robin Hood in this next phase - 'Psionic Buccaneer'! 

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