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Herr Doktor von Vrilock has been tinkering with remote presence in a number of technologies including artificial intelligence. But why should ole Vrilock have all the fun? Tune in to enjoy yourself as we delve into the ever changing world of powers of super science and sorcery well beyond the control of the average person! 

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Doc Vrilock tells the story of a life abroad, and how retrospecting the life of a dead friend began a quest to unite under the banner of magick. Tonight's podcast is Psionics: The Coalition of Magicians! 

Terminology used in this podcast:

- Mr./ Mrs./Ms : san

- Tatami carpet: made out of lamp rush. Tatami are built-in floor mats. They're covered with woven rush called Igusa that give the mats a soft, smooth surface.


- Sake: rice wine


- Kanji(Chinese characters) is made up of different components (parts), and the main component is called a radical (bushu/hen).

Kanji are classified by their radicals in dictionaries.



Cooking related radical ‘火 Hi(fire)’

炊 (Taku: cook/boil)

焼 (Yaku: bake/grill/roast)

Examples of Fire radical

--/end terminology

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