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Herr Doktor von Vrilock in his indisputable wisdom has so divinely decided to share his person story of a haunted droid toy that came to life of its own! Also, our next special guest on December 3rd/ 4th is none other than the Cool-hand Luke of our times, and opposition to the man! The one and only--welll, you'll have to listen to the podcast to learn who the mystery guest is going to be!

So, tune in and enjoy the show. That's an order! 

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Keep The Magick High! 

V. signing out! 

WHAT IN THE WORLD is Vrilock up to?


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Living the American Dream, but in a sleepless land? Wellll, you're not alone! And if you think it gets any worse than it is now, then you bet your asteroid kid! Muwahahahaa! Yes, well. Actually, there is hope. And while this may not necessarily be the new hope of psionics, it may as well play a part in ensuring a return of our planet back into the hands of its rightful owners. Lean closely, and listen, darlings, as ole Doktor von Vrilock tells you tales of woe, mystery, and then unlocks the secret of how we can use splicing in psionics to move the mega technologies of A.I. and super science in a direction ascending out from dystopia and to a new high-rise utopia! 

Join me! 

Thank you for listening to Planet Vrilock Psionics and Magick Tech Podcast! And until next time... as always... ALWAYS... 



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Psionics: Splicing Artificial Intelligence Patterns

Herr Doktor Vrilock proposes that psionicists can splice A.I. patterns for the future of manifestation, thus determining the outcome of how Artificial Intelligence and A.S.I. will refashion our entire world. This and more tonight on Planet Vrilock Psionics and Magick Tech Podcast! 


Crom's devils! Lords of light! You need Psionic Splicing, man! 

Preorder 'Psionic Splicing' to study the methodology of transforming pre-existing entities into more individually workable components in your independent plots! 

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Greetings fans and students! 

Surely we are entering into a world where fewer choices are truly our own. Listen to my podcast to learn about splicing what you need and discarding what you do not! There is a fork in the road. Discover your path and choose between empowerment or enslavement! Live without fear and join Vrilock!!!


Herr Doktor von Vrilock has published the NEW Psionic Splicing Paperback pre-order expected to arrive at your doorstep in early December! Learn how to splice positive attributes from gods and devils while weeding out the stuff you don’t want. Vrilock shows you how it is effectively accomplished! Get this book of cutting edge psychotronics and techno shamanism before Christmas when you order today! 

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Thank you for joining me on Planet Vrilock Psionics and Magick Tech Podcast tonight! And until next time, as always... ALWAYS...


Vrilock signing out! 

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Honorary Herr Doktor von Vrilock in his indisputable wisdom and divine conscience has produced a glorious podcast on the topic of finding our needs and wrestling with our desired manifestations! All of this and more tonight on Planet Vrilock Psionics and Magick Tech Podcast! 

Keep The Magick High! 

Vrilock signing out!

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Thank you for all of your support!

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Psionic Knights of The Old Republic

Herr Doktor von Vrilock has produced another glorious podcast! In his indisputable and divine wisdom Tom Vrilock reminds us of a time before the age of template doctors and the social hive mind. We’re talking Psionic Brotherhood and the Knights of the Old Republic tonight on Planet Vrilock Psionics Podcast!

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Keep The Magick High!

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Psionics Or Politics

Doktor von Vrilock begs the question... do we even need politicians anymore? I mean, we have psionics. (Here we have two of them in this image behind closed doors! Well... in this case knee-deep in the sewers below Gotham City. But I digress.) Listen and YOU decide!DemsandRes.jpg

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Keep The Magick High! 

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The honorary Herr Doktor von Vrilock in his indisputably divine wisdom hath produced a podcast on the topic of dream powers and the things carried over from dreams into the physical world! Also, hear all about our meetup in Nevada and some fun stuff about psionics! 

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Other links: 
Joshua Warren's Miraculous Prayer Board >>> 

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