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The Miraculous Prayer Board Mini

Herr Doktor von Vrilock has produced another glorious podcast! In his indisputable and divine wisdom Tom Vrilock elaborates on the successful operations of the Miraculous Prayer Board, and even a few stories from club members!

Reflecting upon the years of success in operations of psionics, and in particular my work with the Miraculous Prayer Board Psychometric Infusion Instrument, I wonder if we have arrived at a place in space/ time from whence there is no return. And yet, I ask myself "Why would we ever wish to retreat from this new frontier?" Surely the prayer board is the ultimate potential for personal empowerment via psionic instruments. As it is, I see no reason to detract from this dictum. Still, I must think forward. So I am. However, and having stated this in retrospect, I feel that it is imperative to humanity to share the stories of the Miraculous Prayer Board here and now, so that this shall be remembered ever onward as a first step into a much larger universe!

Thank you for supporting my work! And until next time... as always... ALWAYS!...


Vrilock signing out!


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Who is Vrilock What is the Psionic Brotherhood

Herr Doktor von Vrilock talks about 'Who is Tom Vrilock' and 'Why the comic book character presentation for teaching a serious study and complicated pursuit such as psionics??? Tonight on Planet Vrilock Psionics and Magick Tech Podcast!!!

Buy the Prayer Board Combo for $111 Deal! Get a Prayer Board Mini psychometric infusion instrument and the operator's manual (paperback) for a limited time only! Buy here >>> 

Thank you for joining me on Planet Vrilock tonight! And, until next time... as always,...


Vrilock signing out! 

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Psionic Entropy

Ever have a really bad day, look back and wonder how in Hell's name you are still alive at all? Have you ever wanted to stick God with the bills for a change? Well, tonight the honorary Herr Doktor von Vrilock lectures on the topic of psionics vs primordial entropy, the matrix, and controlling the web of synchronicity! Tonight on Planet Vrilock Psionics and Magick Tech podcast! 

Read the associated blog here! >>>

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Thank you for joining me on Planet Vrilock Psionics Podcast! And until next time... as always,... ALWAYS... 

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Pentacles Intelligence Operations

Honorary Herr Doktor von Vrilock lectures on the best methods for working with magick pentacles of intelligence, power, and how to apply psionics! 


For a limited time you may apply for a membership in the Psionic Brotherhood! Just $29.99/ month! Join the Psionic Brotherhood by training in the Vrilock Insiders Club!

Together we will... 


Vrilock signing out!

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Beginning The Psionic Path

Herr Doktor von Vrilock in his indisputably divine wisdom hath produced a podcast for those just beginning on the path to Psionics! Tune in to learn everything that you will need to study, and take advantage of 40 years of mastering the arts! 

FYI - Tonight ONLY! -$10 OFF Psionic Necromancer Paperback Manual! The book is thick, but will fit in your villainous overcoat pocket! Be an outlaw! Read a REAL BOOK! (Kind of like mooning the local officials in broad daylight! Though, why you would be awake in broad daylight instead of haunting the antiquated streets of more civilized parts of the country is beyond me!)

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Thank you for your support of Vrilock's rule of Planet Earth! And until next time... As always, ALWAYS!....


Vrilock signing out!
My great mentor's web site Charles W. Cosimano >>>

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Psionics and The Middle Path!

Honorary Herr Doktor von Vrilock podcasts about path-working with psionics, and how to do a simple exercise each day that will improve your abilities to influence and eventually control your own reality! 

AND, if you're ready to delve into the secrets of powers from beyond the grave, purchase Psionic Necromancer for a villainous deal of $10 Off the cover price! (What yours autographed??? Message me at the contact page!) Buy PSIONIC NECROMANCER >>>

Related links (Joshua Warren)

Listen to >>> my last interview with Joshua P. Warren, the expert in all things paranormal!

Buy >>> Joshua's version of The Miraculous Prayer Board!

Watch >>> the film Wishmasters!

Until next time, as always... ALWAYS!.... 


Vrilock signing out! 

P.S. Train up in the Psionic Brotherhood V.O.C.U.S. program at and really keep the magick high! 

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Devil Moon Beamer


Honorary herr doktor von Vrilock speaks on the topic of uncertain times and what you can do to enjoy your time here in hell on earth, and maybe even--just maybe--make the world a better place for you and your family! So, tonight's podcast is focused on the wondrous MoonBeamer machine ( to learn all about that!), masse influence, weather control, and psuper psionic magick stuff! Also, Herr Doktor von Vrilock blogged about the orange blood moon and psuper psionic necromancy! Enjoy the article and illustration! Read the blog! >>> 


So, if you do actually enjoy my podcasts, please patron my podcast or shop at Vrilock's laboratory here! >>> 

Also, do not miss out on the weekend special of $10 off Dynamic Dowsing Disclosure multimedia download! Learn how to dowse the truth behind politics and the closed doors of special interests in global affairs! And even dabble in some divination in your personal life, like knowing whom he or she is really spending time with while you're at work. Or maybe find yourself a new job with this dowsing and psionics power! (Recommended you also check out Psionic Necromancer paperback as a complimentary expansion to your dowsing endeavors, and it makes a very fine printed collectable for aspiring occultists and paranormal investigators!)

Until next time, as always... always!... 


Vrilock signing out! 

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