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Symbolism Vs Direct Thought

Honorary Doc Vrilock talks about the old systems of symbolism for learning magick vs the new thought movement of psionics and machine magick! Tonight on Planet Vrilock Psionics Magick Tech Podcast! 


Stay tuned for our upcoming interviews in early September with Dr. Richard Alan Miller (O.T.O., Pentagon, Ed Mitchel, Dream Labs..) for a talk about path working in tarot, magick, and then where magick merges into physics through altered states! Next, we'll welcome back to the show my old mentor Charles W. Cosimano on the topic of personally meeting Otto Skorzeny, the tepaphone, and psuper psionics! And much more! 

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The Ur Rune of Vital Might!

Honorary Doc Vrilock recalls his beginning work with the Ur rune for spiritual wellness, defeating habits, and reclaiming a happy lifestyle! Tonight on Planet Vrilock Psionics! 


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Vrilock talks about pioneers in near-death-experience research, the hidden messages in water, and how psionics may be the key to answering the question for a new metaphysics! Tonight on Planet Vrilock we honor the memory of Dr. Emoto and the work of Doc Fenwick for yielding a means for new answers to old questions! And more! 


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Psionic Chthonic Necrotronics Book

Honorary Doc Vrilock introduces the new Psionic Necromancer collectable paperback! Plus a story about speaking to the dead! Tonight on Planet Vrilock Psionics Tech Podcast! 

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Collectors Edition VPG Paperback TRIO

Honorary Doc Vrilock tells the story of his life journey and life abroad which started the quest for the prayer board and a new methodology to psionics! Plus, you'll learn about the three magical books every magician needs to master chakra powers and work psionics to make miraculous manifestations, enchantments, and adjurations! Tonight on Planet Vrilock! 

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The Riddlers Esoteric Enigma

Honorary Doktor Vrilock talks about the enigmatic difference between the common knowledge of ordinary life and the hidden esoteric meaning within all life! Plus a few words about globalists, World War II, and other interesting yarns! 

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Honorary Doctor Vrilock welcome’s Mewan-san on Planet Vrilock! Mewan-san is a qigong expert, Kiko healer, prayer board operator, and a follower/ supporter of the Q Anon Army Japan Force (QAJF)! 

今夜のゲスト、ドクター・ヴリロックがメワンさんをプラネット・ヴリロックにお迎えします! メワンさんは気功の専門家であり、気功ヒーラーであり、プレイヤーボードのオペレーターであり、Qアーミージャパン(QAJF)のフォロワー/サポーターです!


Mewan-san has an important message of peace, and the road to prosperity for all of humanity. 


Get ready to listen to a unique recording of mind/ body/ spirit (and mind machines!) in this interview with qigong expert Mewan-san! 



Quote by our guest Mewan-san: 
“[...]I don't know if it is related, but I think it would be fun if I could talk to animals and plants. 

Life and spirituality are so profound that all relevant things are of interest, and living with such a theme is a joy and a never-ending path.”


Technical and FYI:

The language in this recording is Japanese/English and English/Japanese. You will listen to both sides of this conversation in what we hope has become an accomplished work of art! And share in good humanities and spirits!

This interview is divided into three participants including Mewan-san, K.A. as our interpreter, and hosted by Tom Vrilock.

Editing/ production time: Interview began on Sunday August 2, 2020. 8:30PM. Final editing cut completed by Tuesday August 4, 2020. 5:00AM.

This project has been our real honor and  joyous pleasure!

Enjoy the show! And, as always, ALWAYS… 


Vrilock signing out!


== Mewan-san and Relevant Links ==

Mewan-san web:

Mewan-san Twitter: @kikou_mewan 

Ofuda image coming to YouTube soon!

Eri-san (QAJF) Twitter:

Eri-san (QAJF) WhoTwi:

T. E. Bearden’s report on Yakuza using scalar weapons has vanished! However, please reference his web site: 


Vrilock mentioned in the podcast about the Etheric weather engineering video:


Public project: Promote QAJF in Japan to awaken the general public to the darkness of the almighty State! Please transmit with your prayer boards or radionics to Japan the following quasi-script: 

(wa) harmony + Q annon (Qアノン)


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Psionics Requires Brutal Honesty

Honorary Doc Vrilock podcasts about how psionics requires brutal honesty in order to be more effective magicians. As well, how we can reference the lives of other people to make our own lives work better for us! Vrilock will talk a little about the life of Bram Stoker, Howard Lovecraft, and Philip K. Dick--three influential authors who still impact the world of fiction and imagination today!


This and more on Planet Vrilock Podcast tonight!


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Tom Vrilock signing out! 



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