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Radionics Science Or Magick

Tom Vrilock begs the question: Is radionics a science or is it magick? You know what I think, but we'll let you decide if you want to follow me to my books, audibles, or my insiders club to go full psionic! 

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Incompatible Spirits

Tonight on Planet Vrilock Psionic Magick Podcast Tom Vrilock talks about the adverse types of familiars, and what one should do to avoid making similar mistakes with spirits. to Keep The Magick High! And support your fav masked man! to access insiders docs, audios, and how-to videos!

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Tom Vrilock podcasts about the various kinds of entities and denizens of the invisible realm in this new podcast! 

Create servitors of your own! All you need is this audiobook, earphones, and a flashlight! Download Fantastic Facilitators! Download Dynamic Defenders!

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Tom Vrilock discloses the secret of psionic tethering, and we continue our project of siphoning money back from Big Brother with the new Monopoly Man servitor project! So, without further ado... let us begin! 

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Psionic Money Magick Vampire

I vant to drink yar b--bullion! Whaahaa!

Yes. Well. Tonight Mr. Vrilock podcasts about psionic money magick vampire siphoning! Good evenings are back! 

Get the required compound glyph for creating your own entity right here! Read the blog and screen capture the glyph I prepared for your project! >>> 

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Safe Shopping Magick

Your favorite masked marvel is talking how to use magick for safe travel, staying on schedule, and a more pleasant grocery shopping experience! Yes, and all-in-one marvelous episode filled with all the good stuff you need to know!

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Hunting The Nano Matrix

Tom Vrilock talks about nano bots and the information thought-matrix! Coupled with some good ole psionics magick this show rocks! 

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Psionic Necromancy Book

Tom Vrilock talks about the NEW Psionic Necromancer e-book, and how we can contact the dead and disembodied minds of the invisible world with more powerful machines! 

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Tom Vrilock talks about old systems and new systems of lifestyle, and the pause between paradigms and system implementations for a New World Order! Tonight on Planet Vrilock Psionics Magick Podcast! 

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Psionics Independent Power

Buzz. Whrr. Incoming transmission from the psionic frontline…. 

Cosmic revelations! See for yourself!

Every generation believes the next is dumbing down. Every century heralds the coming apocalypse and the end times. Learn Psionics for independent knowledge and personal empowerment! Explore the universe, contact the dead, spawn new romance and wealth!

Tom Vrilock talks about how we can use psionics to fundamentally change our lives! New blog and podcast tonight! Check it out!

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Tom Vrilock podcasts about A.I., V.R., and Psionic Magick tonight on Planet Vrilock! 

Have you ever considered that A.I. might be the one thing that actually frees us from our bureaucrats? Well, it is going to be an interesting transition. With the aid of psionics we aim to make that new reality a much better one than the nightmarish reputation instilled upon society by big cinema. 

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Tom Vrilock talks about the nature of the cosmos as an operating system of very diverse components throughout. Tonight on Planet Vrilock Psionics and Magick Tech Podcast! 

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Tom Vrilock talks about machine telepathy and intuition with operating systems. Plus, we'll learn about how psionic robots are the key to using telemechanics (reading machines with the mind) in a future dominated by artificial intelligence! (Read The Wondrous Wheel!)

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Psionic Gom Jabbar

Tom Vrilock begs the question: Society as a whole is either more human or more animal? 

Tune in tonight as Tom Vrilock talks about the psionic Gom Jabbar! 


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