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Psionics Soiree

Tom Vrilock talks about using psionics well in advance of social gatherings to help you procure a lady companion! (Of course it will work on men as well.)

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Psionics Theory Vs Practice

Tom Vrilock talks about the theory and practice of psionics in tonights Planet Vrilock Psionics and Magick Tech Podcast! 

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Psionic Psuper PSchnorer

Tom Vrilock talks about becoming a psionics schooner and getting other people to do your bidding! That's what psionics is about. Hellll, that's what life is about. Join the good fun and be thoroughly entertained tonight, kitties! 

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Tom Vrilock talks about psionics vs political puppets and how to make money with magick!

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The Motive and Source of Evil!

Tom Vrilock talks about the motivation and the source of evil in tonight's podcast! Plus, philosophy about psionics. And, we'll ask ourselves a very important question for each of us to consider independently of popular belief. 

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Tom Vrilock talks about the survival of consciousness/ conscience, the soul, and the human spirit in the face of great difficulties and overwhelming odds. Listen to the podcast and find the inner will to rise to meet the challenges of the future! 

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Are You Ready for Vrilock?

Buzz. Whrr! Incoming from the Psionic Frontline!

Cosmic revelations! Hear for yourself!

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Quarantined with Mr. Vrilock

Tom Vrilock talks about being stuck at home, held hostage by our own system of FREEDOM--ironically--and what you can do with psionics to have a little fun! 

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Psionics Super Wizard Tom Vrilock talks about Coronavirus, information, 5G, and a fun weekend of psionic magick for all of us nuts stuck in a box at home! Don't let the wonderful world of psionics pass you by! 

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Learn the power of mind control from The Godfather of Psionics - Charles W. Cosimano 

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Psionics Creative

Happy Venus Day! Tonight Tom Vrilock talks about the Psionics Creative manifesto! Yess! So, don your bad-boy/ bad-girl helmet, and tune in to the wisdom of Mr. Vrilock! 

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April fools and magick folly

Tom Vrilock podcasts about April fools day and magick folly! Plus the tools we can all use to defeat fear and anxiety! Reach out with psionics! Tune in to Planet Vrilock Psionics and Magick Tech Podcast! PLUS ALL WEEK AND WEEKEND DISCOUNT FOR DIGITAL PRODUCTS IN THE PSIONICS SHOP! >>>

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