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Psionics - Push!

Tom Vrilock talks about the necessary push and nudges from the invisible realms to pursue his own destiny! Learn about the paranormal encounters, supernatural events, and venture into psionics in the personal life story of Psionics Wizard Tom Vrilock! 


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If only it were as simple as the title. But unfortunately for us the enemy of the free people of earth is not one man with an umbrella and a funny looking nose under a top hat. Despair not! We have psionics. The only thing you need to know is where to focus your energy, and where to put you trust. 

I'm going to talk about cutting costs and signing up with the Psionics Club. It's worth your investment.

Listen to this podcast to find out why! 

Vrilock's Psionics Club

Vrilock's Psionics Shop

Vrilock's Biography


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Tom Vrilock discloses his journey of traveling into the future in an out-of-body experience, also known as astral projection. This journey began with an encounter with a shadowy entity. Later, the actual event occurred in Japan on the mainland island of Honshu.

Visit Vrilock's Psionics Shop here >>>

See Joshua P. Warren's Prayer Board Instrument here >>>

Join the Psionic Brotherhood here >>>  

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The Miraculous Prayer Board is an elegant psionic instrument for a more civilized age! See also Joshua P. Warren's very own Miraculous Prayer Board!

Joshua P. Warren and Tom Vrilock met up in Wisconsin in 2018, and shortly after we clicked together on a project to share the Miraculous Prayer Board with the world! The story behind this magick is epic! 


For training... 

Psionics Club >>> Join the Psionic Brotherhood! and KEEP THE MAGICK HIGH!

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Will club members take on 5G? And listen to Vrilock's interview with Joshua P. Warren!

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Vrilock talks psionics and manifesting real results! (shop) (club)

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Vrilock talks psionics, censorship, weather control, flying saucers, and UFO's! (Photo from Horiike-san!)

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Vrilock talks about how the universe isn't so neatly divided as we're taught to believe.

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Psionics No Sweat Workout!

Vrilock describes psionics as a fun and addictive workout for our minds!

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Vrilock talks about the benefits of operating the Miraculous Prayer Board Psionic Instrument!

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Vrilock travels back in time to tell his story of exploring subterranean Arabia.

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