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Vrilock talks about daily protection via psionic magick!

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Primordial Protocol

Free souls in a trapped world! What is the primordial protocol?

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Necromancy - Flanagan

Dig deep into the buried secrets of the dead! Learn necromancy made easy with psionics! Tom Vrilock discloses all that is the occult!

Vrilock Psionics (

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Keeping The Magick High!

Tom Vrilock talks about how to upkeep psychic mental power in this exciting episode on psionics!

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Tom Vrilock talks about the passing of Dr. G. Patrick Flanagan (1944-2019), an American inventor and philanthropist.Biography of Dr. Flanagan, please visit

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Nature. Runes. Order.

Tom Vrilock talks about his thoughts about nature, the cosmos, and how the runes rock! 

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Hammer of Vrilock (Rune Rise Program) >>> Download! 

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